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The Manila Shawl is, as we know it today, a feminine clothing accessory. FlamencoBuy offers you a wide range of shawls, in different sizes, colors and embroidery. If you need any help to find your shawl please contact us and we will help you with your selection.  The price of the shawls varies depending on its quality, the complexity of the embroidery and the fringes. We invite you to explore our sections of shawls classified in large size shawls, medium size shawls and girl shawls. 

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Showing 121 - 126 of 126 items

The Manila Shawl

Many of the traditions we consider to be genuinely Spanish, are, although the shawl's origin is in China, it was Manila, the capital of the Spanish colony in the Philippines, that gave its name to this shawl.

The Manila shawl suffered this modification by which we can confirm it as a Spanish tradition, regardless its origins. Until they began to be made in Spain, the introduction of this product into our country was due to the commerce that Spain maintained with America during the colonial era. The shawls were imported towards the end of the 18 century, becoming popular in the 19 century. Their name came from the final destination of the Spanish fleet in Manila.

Embroideries on a garment similar to the shawl did not appear until the 12 century, when the women of high class started using these types of shawls. Apparently it was not a common item of dress in China, because it did not match well with the women´s traditional outfit, so it soon came into disuse. On the other hand the Chinese continued making them with the only aim of exporting them abroad.